Air your grievances against the DWP

Photo: Alamy/Guardian

Photo: Alamy/Guardian

On the last day of the week of online action against workfare (there’s loads of offline action this weekend too!) it’s time to take our rage at forced unpaid labour right to the top by flooding the DWP with messages opposing workfare.

The DWP twitter account (@dwppressoffice) has been repeatedly used to promote workfare, as the department have desperately battled to try and establish a space on social media. It many cases it hasn’t worked and the DWP are invisible on facebook – where people could answer back.

Instead the department has taken to twitter with over 500 individual Jobcentre twitter accounts, which can be found at: The only DWP Minister on twitter is @EstherMcVeyMP who has happily cheered from the sidelines as sick and disabled people are forced to work unpaid.

Why not tweet the DWP Press Office, and your local Jobcentre and tell them what you think of the shambolic welfare reforms using the hashtag #dwp. The DWP also have a comment moderated youtube channel at:

For those not on twitter, please challenge the charities, green enterprises and companies profiting from workfare!

Let’s keep them busy!


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Eowyn Rohan

Some be-atch has probably established a Social Media Presence for Esther McVey ...not surprising given that the poor pleb continues to live with her daddy, and previously gained her notoriety as a mere autocue reader on TV.

How sweet.