An evening of action against the media cheats

Channel 4’s programme: Journalism or propaganda?

On Monday 13th August, Channel 4’s Dispatches will be broadcasting an episode called “Tricks of the Dole Cheats”. The programme will help further stigmatise people who claim social security. Yesterday it had already provided the Daily Mail with an opportunity for its favourite type of rant under the headline “Benefit cheats’ bonanza”.

This despite the fact half a million people were sanctioned last year, and the fact that 99.3% of benefits payments have nothing to do with fraud.

If you’re fed up with the way the media blame people claiming benefits for the UK’s economic woes, then tonight you can can do something about it.

Visit the Facebook event for more details on how to take action or see suggestions below.

Let Channel 4 know what you think of their damaging portrayal of claimants:

Channel 4 Television Corporation

Telephone: 020 7396 4444
Fax: 020 7306 8366
Minicom: 020 7306 8691
Web site:

You can send free faxes here.

Channel 4 Facebook

On Twitter:

CH4 Dispatches twitter

They are using the twitter hashtag #HowNotToGetAJob ?!?

Hashtags: #dispatches #HowNotToGetAJob #c4news #ch4
Krishnan Guru-Murthy @krishgm
Alex Thomson @alextomo
Peter Heneghan Comm & Social Media Ambassador for @Ch4dispatches @PeterHeneghan
Journalist behind the programme: Morland Sanders @morlandsanders

Contacts for the programme

Daniel Pearl is the Commissioning Editor for Dispatches
Programme Coordinator: Kate Surfield
Telephone: 0207 306 8647

CH4 Dispatches website


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Robert Sargent

Absolutely disgusted by this programme. Channel 4 hang your heads. Some of the quotes from tonight's episode of Dispatches were laughable.