Actions against CWP in Haringey

North London Hospice shop

North London Hospice shop

Here’s a brief post about some actions in north London last weekend, part of the week of action against workfare and sanctions.

Haringey Solidarity Group (HSG) picketed a North London Hospice (NLH) shop two days running on Saturday and Sunday.  Though smaller numbers than usual, it was an effective picket, handing out leaflets and talking to passers-by on a busy high street.  There are still many people unaware of what workfare really means for claimants, and they are rightly disgusted when they hear of people forced to work for benefits and the punitive sanctions.

Though NLH show signs of pulling out of the Community Work  Placement scheme, HSG will continue their actions until there is a definite commitment from NLH.  They are also leafleting local Job Centres each day this week as part of the week of action – see here for details of when and where.  And have a look at HSG’s website for more info on NLH and workfare provider Urban Futures.


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