Anti-workfare demos continue

Holiday Inn, workfare profiteers, blockaded by policeOn Saturday the 31st March, more anti-workfare actions will take place around the country, proving that the issue of workfare is not going away. Following the success of the 3rd March Day of Action, groups across the UK have continued to organise creative protests showing the spontaneous nature of the campaign with its vast support from a variety of different groups and people across the country. Why not join an action near you?

In other developments, the government has given the nod for fraud to continue in the workfare industry, by cutting the number of investigators whose job it is to investigate fraud which has been committed by workfare providers, such as A4E. On top of this, workfare providers were given another bonus today. They are set to be rewarded for their failure, with yet another taxpayer handout to the tune of billions of pounds, to ‘deliver the benefits system’.


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