Argos and Superdrug Picketed in Workfare Demonstrations

This weekend, demonstrations took place in Leeds at Argos and Superdrug use of workfare labour:

Leeds Unemployed Action Group reports:

On the 3rd of November, we took to the streets in Leeds to highlight companies that are involved in workfare. Leeds Unemployment Action Group protested outside Argos and Superdrug from handing out our flyers and speaking to members of the public we raised awareness into the public conscience about workfare. Most members of the public were disgusted to find out that big brand names like Argos and Superdrug are involved in a scheme which exploits the unemployed.

Demonstrations were also held in Brighton and Kilburn

This coming Saturday 10th November there’s more coming up!

Then coming up soon are a further picket of Superdrug in Brighton on the 17th and on December 8th we will have a national day of action around the UK.


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