Brisfest and workfare

After an article published here on Friday reporting how people had been coerced into applying to volunteer at Brisfest through the Work Programme, it turns out Brisfest had no knowledge of this. We have removed the blog following assurances from Brisfest that they were not aware that this was taking place and that they will take steps to prevent it happening in future. It is because the government are refusing to reveal the names of organisations using workfare we have to rely on people naming and shaming the organisations involved.

Boycott Workfare were told that Prospects (and at least one other local work program provider) were getting claimants to apply for the volunteering and training at Brisfest, in some instances under coercion. It now appears this was done without the Work Programme providers ever making contact with the organisers of Brisfest. Brisfest were not aware of what was going on until the article posted here as the Work Programme providers were getting people to apply through the normal procedures that all volunteers do. This shows how workfare has corrupted true volunteering, where organisers do not even know that all the volunteers are actually volunteering.

Brisfest, have said this could have come about by them advertising the volunteering posts in the Job Centre, something they will not be doing next year. By taking this action, they are trying to make sure their placements and training remain truly voluntary. They were shocked to find out what was happening in some Work Programme providers, as they pride themselves on being a community festival brought together by volunteers. We are pleased that the Brisfest organisers do not support the use of workfare and that they are keen to ensure they only use genuine volunteers and they are currently looking into signing the Boycott Workfare pledge at their next group meeting.





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