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  1. I was told by Morecambe jobcentre that Aldi had jobs available and that they had agreed to offer them to 5 people from Morecambe and 5 from Lancaster. I expressed my interest in working for them and was told to go for an interview on the 25th at 4pm. It was not until I got home and looked at the paperwork I had been given in detail that i became aware my advisor had deliberately lied to me and signed me up for a 6 week "sector based work academy" with nothing except a "guaranteed job interview" at the end of 6 weeks "on the job training". Aldi are exploiting unemployed people and Jobcentre staff are deliberetly lying to people to get them to sign up for it. Now I cannot quit it or I will be sanctioned

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Jun, 2014


  1. Jun 2014 for 6 week(s)
    The Lancastrian, Morecambe Rd, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 5JB, UK