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  1. Threatened with sanctions if I do not attend.
  2. Community Work Placement' -mandatory activity. I was referred back to Jobcentre after refusing to to sign a 'volunteer' application form at the begin of the 'Fareshare' mandatory community work placement ,now waiting to see if I will be sanctioned.I was willing to do the 30 hours per week, but they refused to allow me to ,because I would not sign 'volunteer' application form.As far as I am concerned, this 'so called' charity is getting paid to exploit poor unemployed ,and at the same time claiming to help poor people with food .Seems a bit ironic.
  3. multi million pound company using work programme as a substitute for paid staff, the people in the warehouse stand around for75% of the day doing and learning nothing, and being spoken to like dirt

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Feb, 2016


  1. Nov 2015 for 26 week(s)
    Work Programme Mandatory Community Benefit Work Placement
    9 Goodlass Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside L24, UK
  2. Aug 2015 for 26 week(s)
    9 Goodlass Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside L24, UK
  3. Feb 2016 for 30 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    Goodlass Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside L24 9HJ, UK
  4. Jan 2015 for 4 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    3, Fairway Business Centre, Westergate Rd, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove BN2 4JZ, UK
  5. Nov 2014 for 30 week(s)
    Community Work Placement
    7, Deptford Trading Estate, Blackhorse Rd, London SE8 5HY, UK