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  1. This placement is a pointless waste of time. The works isn't hard... it's just time consuming and I'd be making better use of my time if they left me alone in my studio composing music.The other placements Pinnacle [Brixton] sends people to is chugging for a fake charity in Tottenham or else shovelling s**t at a stables in St Helier. I've tried to discuss it with both my jobcentre advisor and the people at pinnacle but was cut short and threatened with sanctioning if I complained. I'm in the process of attempting to set up a music workshop for other musicians being put through the mandatory work activity program but so far it looks like they'd only approve of the idea if they could use it as a money source for themselves.

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Jun, 2015


  1. Jun 2015 for4 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    Taylor Rd, Mitcham, Greater London CR4 3JR, UK