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  1. After managing to get out of a MWA placement without a sanction they set up another one. Same goes no address i can reasonably go to in order to express concerns to them, as i do not have a working phone at the moment (was clearly explained to JCP/GW)North shields to Durham is not a reasonable distance to go into their office for concerns)...Also worth noting is the fact this is going to be a position that has been replacing paid work for at the very least 4 years as i was asked to go to them with the New Deal Working Links on multiple occasions a long time ago... makes it all the more irritating as i know there isn't even a chance at getting a job there.
  2. The contact numbers i was given are 01207 52481707918641795 so my contact with Groundwork is in Durham despite me being in North Shields. Thus pretty impossible for me to reasonably go to their office in person to get clarification on anything or complain directly etc.

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Dec, 2013


  1. Dec 2013 for4 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    11, Point Pleasant Industrial Estate, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear NE28 6HA, UK
  2. Nov 2013 for4 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    70 Bedford St, North Shields, Tyne and Wear NE29 6QF, UK