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  1. The council are currently reducing their employees hours and making people redundant. I was informed by the training company that a senior managers/director at Wigan Council is actively promoting placements, and contacting the training companies involved. I am incensed that a labour council should behave in this way.
  2. I was made by a over zealous advisor at Wigan jobcentre that I had no choice I had to go on this work programme and so has the other 30 people who attend work program at Seetec with me are currently in other work programmes for local charities but the majotity are mainly working the same as me for our so called local Labour Council... What a joke

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Jan, 1970


  1. Sep 2016 for 8 week(s)
    Work Programme 'Voluntary' Work Experience
    Wigan WN1 1YN, United Kingdom
  2. Sep 2014 for 26 week(s)
    Community Work Placement
    Leigh, Leigh WN7 1DY, UK