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  1. Threatened with sanctions if I do not attend.
  2. multi million pound company using work programme as a substitute for paid staff, the people in the warehouse stand around for75% of the day doing and learning nothing, and being spoken to like dirt

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Feb, 2016


  1. Nov 2015 for26 week(s)
    Work Programme Mandatory Community Benefit Work Placement
    9 Goodlass Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside L24, UK
  2. Feb 2016 for30 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    Goodlass Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside L24 9HJ, UK
  3. May 2015 for30 week(s)
    Community Work Placement
    3 Southgate, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire HU13 0RB, UK