Day 4: On-line Action against Community Work Placement Charities

[Photo: Sinister Pics]

[Photo: Sinister Pics]

As part of the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions, on Thursday 5th December 2013, we’re focussing on the Charities that will be handing in their tenders today to access unpaid claimant workers through the new Community Work Placements regime.

Community Work Placements, originally announced by George Osborne as “Help to Work” on 30th September 2013, is a set of new measures that will be forced on claimants who have come through the two year Work Programme without securing employment. The scheme is described as an “intensive option” where the providers will “deliver mandatory work placements for claimants for 30 hours a week for up to 26 weeks, alongside supported jobsearch”. Or put another way, it’s a six month sentence to force claimants work for free or lose their benefits.

Typically the 33 companies who have the option of tendering for this new scheme are the very companies who currently run the Work Programme: the companies who failed to assist the claimants back into work over two years are now being given an extra six months to make even more money off the back of the unemployed! These “Employment Related Supported Services Suppliers” include three charities Boycott Workfare has flagged up before.

Take a look at their finances at by inputting their charity number. Then e-mail or contact them on social media to express your distaste at their continued abuse of the benefits system to line their own pockets!

THE SHAW TRUST: (287785)



There are also two more charities touting for business as “secondary delivery providers”, seeking to subcontract from the above and the usual suspects such as Ingeus, G4S, A4e and Serco. They are the supposedly christian organisations The Salvation Army and the YMCA. Key in “Salvation Army” or “YMCA” to the web link above to find out how they are profiting in your locality. The details below are for their head offices in London.



Don’t forget to sign the petition calling for an end to all benefit sanctions without exceptions:


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I have recently completed the Work Programme with TCV training, and although I was not asked to do environmental work myself, I was aware from time to time of people on it coming into the building to do Jobsearch. They were recent school leavers or appeared to have some sort of mental health problem. Having worked with both these groups on a voluntary basis in the past, I am concerned that they seemed powerless to complain or resist their situations. Those of us who are more aware however will continue to complain whenever possible.


A friend's son was sent on a 'work experience' placement by a 'charity' called The Sorted Project in Edinburgh a while ago, and I said I'd look into them for her.

They purport to help substance abusers, but seem to act more like smalltime workfare pimps.

Nobody goes to TSP electively. People (generally very young and very vulnerable) are referred by the courts as an alternative to probation or community service (due to the court recognising they need treatment NOT punishment) only to be palmed off in short order to work schemes where they will slave considerably longer than any court would have had the power to sentence them to.

Should they put a foot wrong, Sorted has the power to send them back to court - as well as the usual sanctioning hazards.

Particularly creepy about Sorted's website is their prating how if their (workfare) 'partners' are happy, they're happy too. Not ONE word even pretending to be assed about saving lives. Just £££.

Speaking of which, they recently won £226,870 from the Big Lottery Fund



There is a lot of small time poverty pimp muscle around the country. Funny how their website doesn't mention their workfare role! How many people have they contacted the DWP about concerning benefit sanctions? Here is some info on one of their directors:


I'm currently on the CWP (community work programme) and I have to say, it is the biggest waste of time! I was tricked into taking a placement in admin (which I did not want to do for free) when they said it was a paid job. my advisor said that he said that it wasnt paid but the placement has a chance of a paid job at the end. he did not tell me that over the phone when he told me about this 'job'. i found my own placement and i am still waiting for it to be authorised. after a week and a half. the placement i found is literally across the road from my CWP office. i feel like my advisor is just fobbing me off and getting me to stay in a placement which i am not happy with. how do i make a complaint about this? i feel so helpless and backed into a corner. he keeps saying that he has to get in contact with the job centre to see if they agree to change my placement. i asked my job centre advisor and she said that the job centre has nothing to do with the placements we get put on or if we want to change placement. Also, the CWP are not paying the fare to get to and from my work placement becuase i take DLR. they only give money for buses. my job centre advisor said that they are sending me on that placement so they should pay for me to get there. i dont have the money to pay for the travel as well as keep myself. please, someone, tell me how to complain. thanks.