Day 5: Action on workfare and sanctions

a person holds a placard outside M&S

The Cardiff action paid M&S a visit!

The week of action has seen a very loud noise demo at the workfare industry’s annual conference, hijacking its hashtag and actions in Cardiff, Wrexham, and even one in Germany! There’s loads more planned this weekend – with a new action just announced in Sheffield this Saturday too (and one coming up next week in Oxford!).

Thanks to everyone who’s been putting the pressure on online too. We’ve kept a lot of workfare exploiters’ Facebook Page moderators very busy this week and we’ve seen time and again how pressure from action on the streets plus online embarrassment can be enough to make a company or charity think twice!

Today, please help show all the companies and charities we’ve contacted this week that we won’t stop until they do. Scroll down our website front page for ways to contacts some of the worst offending charities, biggest workfare-using companies, those that make the workfare industry conference happen and those cutting wage bills using young people on traineeships.

The petition to end all welfare sanctions without exception is only 300 away from 10,000 – please take a few minutes to spread the word and help make it 10,000 by the end of the week of action!

And if you’ve still got a bit of time to spare, please feel free to contact any of the workfare exploiters listed here.

Thanks for being part of the week of action!


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This is all very worthy and I agree wholeheartedly with it but rational debate doesn't work with the evil cunts in this unelected sham of a 'government'. They will ONLY listen to violence and civil disobedience against them as was demonstrated with the their former policy of the poll tax. It took that huge riot in Trafalgar Square and the loss of the previously ultra-safe seat of Eastbourne to the Lib Dems ( a party Mrs Thatcher had described just a few weeks previously as a "dead parrot") to make the Tory Party stab Mrs Thatcher in the back thus replacing her and the Poll Tax.


When are we going to have that mass demonstration in Trafalgar Square to end workfare and the Tory Party's other evil policies of driving people to commit suicide?They WON'T listen to rational debate so the time has come to FORCE them to scrap workfare ect.

Just how many unemployed/disabled people have to end their lives before REAL action is taken against this EVIL unelected governemnt?