Dial-A-Provider: A Little Extra Charity: DAY 3 (Thursday 12th July)

Good work to all who made calls to the Salvation Army, Age UK, Cancer Research and Barnardo’s on Monday. Keen not to leave things here and keep up some momentum, today is another chance to take action.


Scope had suspended their involvement in the Work Experience scheme earlier in the year, but the reassurances made after its revision that it had become sanction-free lulled the charity back. Whilst true that the scheme is no longer mandatory, it is the experience of Boycott Workfare that job seekers are led by an impression that it is compulsory by jobcentre staff. What evidently hasn’t been made clear to Scope is that the threat of sanction continues to hang over those job seekers turning the scheme down in the form of looming Mandatory Work Activity. And so where the charity had been concerned before, they should remain so.

What should be very alarming to Scope is the news that one of its stores has been taking on MWA placements: which given its stance against forced placements the charity ought not be be pleased to hear.

It is well worth revisiting the charity’s concerns with a phone call, and to talk through what’s happening with them.

Complaints: 0808 800 3333
(freephone on landline)

As ever keep your call civil, and use it as a chance to persuade the listener.

If you did not get a chance to join in Monday’s action, there’s no reason not to do so now, and keep things in swing; once that you have made your call to Scope, revisit the action here and call/tweet/facebook a few other charities.

Having made your calls remember after to mark them in the following poll, this will encourage the next person to do the same.

Staying online

If you are unable to make today’s call then keep up the pressure online:


Here is a readymade tweet for the job:

I can no long support @scope whilst it accepts #workfare placements. I am no longer going to shop with them or make donations. @charityretail

(Please remember to copy in the Charity Retail Association if you are writing your own tweets.)



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