Dial-A-Provider: More Scope & A4e: DAY 4

Thanks to all who made calls, sent tweets, and posted Facebook messages yesterday. Efforts were well worth it leading to an afternoon statement from Scope as seen here. If not already busy tweeting, its release caused a further twitter flurry, annoyed as many were that a sincere concern opposing forced placements had been translated back as an anti-volunteering sentiment. Highly questionable too is Scope’s defence of “a robust placement agreement” when the charity is cited in a 12 June, DWP press release (see case study 1) as facilitating Mandatory Work Activity placements.

Friday’s action is a return to yesterday’s, and we are asking that those who were unable to make a call, tweet, or send a Facebook message to do so today – keeping up the pressure. Or maybe Scope’s reply has made some want to call again?

Complaints: 0808 800 3333
(freephone on landline)
Head Office (ask for retail dept.): 020 7619 7100

As before keep your call civil, and use it as a chance to persuade the listener.



Here is a readymade tweet for the job:

I can no long support @scope whilst it accepts #workfare placements. I am no longer going to shop with them or make donations. @charityretail

(Please remember to copy in the Charity Retail Association if you are writing your own tweets.)



Don’t forget to get involved in the two A4e blockades going on today organised by Brighton Benefit Cuts and Liverpool Combats Workfare Action – all the details can be found at these link addresses:

Brighton Benefits Campaign

Liverpool Combats Workfare Action


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A4e will offer you any job even if you are not qualified just to get you of books, threaten you with no money if you refuse