DWP so upset about workfare withdrawals that it lies

IDS in dinner jacket

Iain Duncan Smith’s department: lying on workfare again. (Photo: CBI / flickr)

It seems that the DWP is upset that charities keep pulling out of its forced work schemes. So upset that it has decided to lie to the Guardian about the campaign against workfare. Its spokesperson said: 

“It is deeply regrettable that a small number of people have targeted charities and subjected them to intimidation and abuse in an effort to disrupt the operation of this scheme. In so doing they deny many people the opportunities and help they need to get back into work.

“We’re grateful for the continued support of charities in helping unemployed people re-engage with the system and move closer to employment through Mandatory Work Activity.”

The Boycott Workfare campaign has issued a short response: 

“It is deeply encouraging that a large number of people have contacted charities and made the perfectly reasonable request that they withdraw from this scheme which does not help people into employment. In so doing they have denied the DWP the opportunity to intimidate and abuse claimants through workfare and sanctions.

“We’re grateful to those charities who have left the scheme for helping unemployed and disabled people to avoid forced unpaid work and the withdrawal of benefits.”

🙂 Keep up the good work people! In the last fortnight four charities have withdrawn from workfare, and even before that the government was complaining “The high profile withdrawal of placements from a number of larger charities meant a sharp reduction in placements.” Let’s make the week of action on 18-24 March count!


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"In so doing they have denied the DWP the opportunity to intimidate and abuse claimants through workfare and sanctions."

Intimidating and abusing people who are claiming job seekers isnt going to help them find work, we are doing the very best of what we can to find work, its not out fault that companys dont take you on, its not how it was before where you could walk in to a job.

this whole scheme is a scandal, it should be stopped, companies who use this to profit from it should be fined, and IDS should be sacked just for the simple fact he had made this scheme.

Dugald Ferguson

IDS - and the other posh boy scum- don't like 'democracy' in action, do they. Suck, Iain!


Charities should never stoop to making deals with the devil.
Some of them will have irreparably damaged their reputations and, as a result, I'm sure that the people they were *meant* to help will have suffered.

To top it all off, the nature of the work at charity retail level wouldn't even prepare you for commercial retail anyway. Charity shops don't exactly need to worry about things like restricted sales, cold chains, contamination risks, COSHH etc.


Am I correct in saying that if you are on the Work Programme the percentage chance of you finding paid work is actually less than those not on the scheme? Workfare does not help people return to paid work!
IDS should resign now as he is a disgrace.

Mr A. P. Healey

In the local paper there were 32 jobs advertized, now double that and add 10. Also in the local paper a story ran about the unemployment figures there were just over 8600, that is the number on the books.I have a friend who has qualifications coming out of his ears, he was laid off. He did all sorts of courses while unemployed. He was allowed to claim unemployment benefit for I think 25 weeks. He was then taken off the books.He's not registered anywhere. His wife works and draws around eight grand a year, she now has to support him. How many more are hidden like him in our town I wonder.This lot of idiots who are destroying our country wouldn't know the truth, they have no morals, or decency, they don't know the meaning of a hard days work. They are nothing more than lying, corrupt, thieving, scroungers who steal taxpayers money.

Pierre Lapin

Oh dear, it seems that IDS' lackeys are throwing their toys out of the pram.. I wonder how upset they'd be if they were forced to work unpaid?
Keep up the pressure on all the vile perpetrators of this scheme, whether they be charities(unfortunate) or the likes of A4E or Ingeus Deloitte.
The whole Work Programme is nothing more than a waste of money, it has been proven not to work in Australia and the USA, why should it work here?


It is the DWP and unethical charities that have targeted vulnerable benefits claimants and subjected them to intimidation and abuse.

Only the DWP and unethical charities accept that a forced unpaid worker is a "volunteer".


Pretty rich coming from the agents of the people who have scapegoated the sick/disabled/unemployed for the greed and fraud within the banks that brought the economy to it's knees. ATOS with their euthanasia based model of dealing with the sick and Work Programme agents using forced labour to increase the salaries of "charity" executives or the dividends of the private equity firm that owns PoundLand.

"If we want them to tap dance, then they will tap dance," a Whitehall official is quoted in the Sunday Times piece as saying of benefit recipients.

David Cameron family fortune is linked to the slave trade so he is a chip of the old block by reintroducing forced labour to this is country.


IDS will always see value for money in something that negatively impacts on the lives of the unemployed or the low-earner.

I mean, any secretary of state for work and pensions would fail given the same conditions but an intelligent and capable person would probably turn a better result.
IDS has no qualifying skills, traits or experience to justify being in charge of a goldfish, let alone the DWP.


Hi. I had my first appointment just recently with A4e. When I got there I told the supervisor that I wouldn't sign the papers since I have the right to do so and I don't wanna disclose personal information on third parties. The supervisor threw me out and told me to speak with my advisor. When I attended Jobcentre this week I was threatened by my advisor that my call would affect my benefit. When I told her that this is not legal since I gave her the paper from the DWP provider guidance chapter 5 that clearly states in Annex 1 that "if you do not give consent this will not affect your entitlement to participate in the programme" as well as the fact that "if I am in receipt of any benefits, my entitlement to these benefits will not depend on whether I choose to give consent or not". Neither her nor the manager that I called seemed to know a thing (go figure, I seemed to know more about their job). I then signed a document that states why I failed to attend my interview stating those 2 reasons and I gave the document back to my advisor. To be honest I am really scared because If I judge by the lack of knowledge that my advisor and the manager have no one can guarantee me that my written complain will be even read or even worse that my advisor will give the document to the complains bureau. At the moment I am waiting for an answer regarding this and I would like an advice what should I do in case I face a 4 week sanction rejecting my claim. One last thing:I wanna apply for a housing benefit since I hardly get by (all my allowance was used for rent) and I know I am eligible. What happens if by the time I apply for the housing benefit I am sanctioned? Will my claim become rejected? Will I get reduced money for the housing benefit? If anyone knows any answer to the above please reply.


I am on a work programme and have been for 15 months.In that time I have been told to commit fraud under duress of loss of benefits.These schemes are nothing more than a scam.NO WP provider has access to any work what so ever.They are either selling courses that are usually free any way or hawking clients out as free labor.The WP provider I am with is Intraining who are part of the Newcastle College Group.They use a sub contractor called Business Support and Developement.I have been told by an employee of Intraining that it is common practice for their staff to claim"back to work"payments from the DWP even though the client found the work themselves.I doubt that there is one WP provider in the country that is not using this fiasco to unlawfully top up there bank accounts.


I informed the DWP that I was being coerced into fraud of tax payers monies under threats of loss of benefits and the DWP told me it was nothing to do with them and they told me to go back and carry on.The police told me it was not their problem either.So the choice I had was either commit fraud and risk criminal prosecution or lose my benefits.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Pass this on to every website you can and get as many people to sign this as you can.


Scrap Universal Jobmatch.


I went into my WP (Ingeus) yesterday. I didn't think it was appropriate because it was merely for a jobsearch, and I have all the facilities for that at home. Plus I was in there 30 minutes and it took me 30 minutes to walk there and 30 back.
Ingeus have their own stunted version of UJ called 'Ingeus Works'. I was asked whether I use it and I said I didnt, owing to it listing mostly (on this occasion, 17/20) unsuitable jobs.
My advisor had a laugh with his colleague about me cross-dressing to take a job as a 'female-only support officer'. I let it slide but inside I was thinking 'this is my f***ing life, you pair of parasites'.
So apparently I have a 'netagive attitude' for not choosing to use an ineffective service and I'm so lucky to get 3 vacancies to apply for.
When I got home, 1 vacancy doesn't specify where it's based. It just has the region. (I applied anyway. If it turns out it's too far well it's hardly my fault the employer is so uptight with the details.) The second asked for a qualification I don't have. While I do have 2 degrees, they weren't in this job sector. The third, I applied for, I received a call back for like 20 minutes later and its premises are really far away and the shift patterns can start earlier than, and finish later than, public transport options are available. I couldn't be considered unless I could 'commit' to the extremes of the shift patterns.
So I have to agree with David on this one. The WP have no more access to jobs than anything that connects to the internet.


David: - have you considered doing this? Ring the DWP Benefit Fraud hotline & say you want to report a case of suspected benefit fraud - when they ask for details give your name , name of your WP provider (was this Intraining?) & name of dept they have subcontracted to - Bus. Support & Dment or whatever they're called.


Err No IDS you got it wrong! Jobseekers do not like to be forced in to unpaid work alien to their field of work, skills or normal career. Skilled engineers mechanics graduates etc don't want to be told to stack shelves when they are already doing unpaid voluntary work in their field.
Second nobody likes being forced to work for below the NMW. If you think Jobseekers should have to work for their £71 per week then how about giving them only 11 hrs per week instead of 30!


Forced Labour breaches Human Rights Act.
Politicians get paid out of public purse;
Civil servants take salary from public purse;
WP providers use public purse for income as govt pays them from public funds.
The only people who have a legal right to claim public money are genuine benefit claimants. The rest are on a contract. Seems like professional jealousy rather than fiscal responsibility.


Why not go to Seetec in Southwark?

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Dennis Richards

I have been on a placement for WP at Poundland in Stratford. I was sanctioned for not going in last week. I want to have a slueth moment with many members of BW.

Can anyone interested meet me there Friday from 12.30. I wanna make them pay come along to the shopping centre in Stratford East London. Please help me