Easter for some. Workfare for others.

Homebase store

21 workfare workers in one Homebase store. (Photo: Sebastian Ballard)

Perhaps eager to claim a chocolate Easter egg bonus, Job Centre staff in Finsbury Park (London) this week congratulated each other for securing 21 workfare placements in a single Homebase store in Haringay. This is a store that is not advertising for workers: more evidence that workfare replaces paid work.

Last year the boss of Home Retail Group – who also own workfare exploiters Argoswas paid £1.1 million. You’d think they could afford a living wage for the people working in their stores.

Homebase have responded to the spontaneous public reaction calling for them to quit the scheme by deleting tens of comments on its Facebook Page, then disabling comments, then promising a statement on Tuesday, then taking the page down, then resurrecting the page free of any mention of workfare, then taking the page down again. It’s clear our actions are having an impact.

Let’s keep going until everyone working in their stores is paid!

Contact Homebase:

On Facebook (if they bring their page back again):
On Twitter:
By email: or or
By phone: 0845 077 8888 or 0845 601 6911

Or contact the company they are owned by: The Home Retail Group.


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Simon Parker

let the buggers know what i think, it felt good.


wont be shopping there again. These should be named and shamed all over the media for exploiting the unemployed etc.Why don't they pay people bloody wages instead of taking the P out of them using the governments work fair flop.

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