Performance: Cracks in the System

Day of action against benefit sanctions, workfare and disability cuts – 30 March 129 March 1-3pm ‘Cracks in the System’: Room 8 Houses of Parliament London SW1A OAA

South East London Unite Community will be performing ‘Cracks In the System’, a piece of poetry about the impact of benefit cuts and sanctions written by Paula Peters. The performance will be filmed and the video released later that day for everyone not able to make it to share on Facebook and Twitter. #No2Sanctions
Unite has booked committee room 8. Please allow plenty of time to get through security. We suggest arriving at Houses of Parliament by 12.15 to get there in time.
The nearest accessible underground station is Westminster (Jubilee Line) accessible from platform to street level.
Buses 11, 24, 29, 88, 159, 3  go to Parliament Square


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Irene penman

Who do those assholes think they are. This is another example of just how far removed they are from.ordinary people. Thats the people who have worked up to 50 years and more. And earned their pension. It ia an.entitlement not a benefit. Why dont they just shoot.us when we get.to.pension.age
Then they can give tbemselves more big rises