Forced unpaid domestic work, Emma Harrison and Burger King pull out!

Not content to be in the headlines on Thursday, welfare to work magnate Emma Harrison, was at it again. Having stepped down as “Families Champion” on Thursday, on Friday she stepped down as chair of A4E. We hope the journos keep digging, after all quitting two jobs in two days, there must be more stories out there.

Burger King have pulled out of DWP Work Experience. But let’s not get carried away. Let’s hope they don’t “do a Poundland” and step back from one forced unpaid work scheme but remain involved in another. Other brands are hedging their bets, by solely suspending their involvement. Here’s a reminder of who they are: Scope, Matalan, Argos, Superdrug.

Suspension is not good enough and unless they withdraw completely, we’ll be letting them know that on our day of action next Saturday. There are others such as Asda, McDonalds and WHSmith who have not shifted their position at all. And let’s not forget the profiteers, who make millions for bullying people into workfare. Let’s get thinking about how to bring pressure on them. One easy way is informing people of their rights. Make sure everyone you know who is at risk of workfare has this information.

Don’t forget the councils and charities taking forced unpaid workers. British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army, RSPCA, PDSA and others have yet to withdraw from workfare.

This is what awaits us if we fail: the Guardian has investigated a Boycott Workfare freedom of information request to expose that workfare profiteer Avanta have been putting people on workfare cleaning the houses of the rich.

The actions you have taken have helped push back the roll out of workfare in the UK. The government have only been able to come back with lies, half truths and mud-slinging. Keep it up and we can put an end to workfare in the UK! Also watch this space for facts and stats to support your campaigning… coming v soon!


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Im absolutely heartbroken to see that the RSPCA and PDSA are participating in this.
I am a big animal lover and it worries me greatly that people who might not want to be there are helping to care for sick and injured animals and animals who have already been abused.
Of course im not saying that someone doing workfare would hurt an animal so please dont take this the wrong way.
Im just saying that if i was an RSPCA manager i would not want to take that risk.
I am heartsick to learn this. It has really worried me.