Good news! We CAN find out where forced labour is taking place

A campaigner has had success in getting information about where private providers are placing people in mandatory work placements. We need to do this for every area now! Use the format below to find out the information for your area, and let us know so we can publish it on this site!

Below is an example of how to ask the DWP under the Freedom of
Information Act, to provide information a Provider holds, a4e Holloway
in this instance. The disclosure represents the Mandatory Work placement providers, obtaining such lists would be useful for Direct

Q: The names of the organisations that have provided work boost
placements over the past 12 months to A4e customers, from its placement department at Whittington House 764-768 Holloway Road, N19 3JQ.

The list includes several large charities, Whittington Hospital and Sainsbury’s! Have a look at the full list here.


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Noticed something odd while looking through that list of organisations you linked to in the post.

One of those orgs. listed is "CAMPAIGN AGAINST ARMSTRADE " Yet, that same organisation has signed-up to your 'no workfare' pledge.


Friends of The Earth is on that list (and a signatory to your no-workfare pledge) as well!

An Elephant's Child.

As your request was for a period covering the last twelve months & The Work Programme has only been going a few weeks, what you probably have is a list of placements for New Deal, which is a whole different kettle of fish.

I'm on the last intake of New Deal now & we get help & advice. We are given the resourses, help & time to jobsearch. We can achieve qualifications whilst on New Deal. We also get an extra £15 a week & a bus pass to help us at our placement.
New Deal has been very helpful to a lot of people.

None of this help will be available on The Work Programme. It really is just slave labour.
They are using it to falsify the unemployment figures, circumnavigate the minimum wage & generally con the British public into thinking that this unelected government is doing something useful.

I suppose that providers of New Deal placements might go on to be providers of The Work Programme placements, but I personally know of two who won't, for the very reasons I've sited above.
I'm told that many more will follow suit.
If more of them are informed about its true nature, maybe even more of them would boycott it as well.