HMV out. 26 demos this Saturday and counting

Boycott Workfare are pleased to announce that HMV have sent us the following statement:

“HMV has no national agreement in place with the Government’s work experience programmes, although individual stores have previously had some leeway in responding to local requests. However, in light of recently expressed concerns regarding particular aspects of these schemes HMV has, following a review, decided that its stores will no longer participate on this basis in future.

“The company will, however, continue to consider voluntary requests received from individuals who are not in any schemes as well as from schools and colleges seeking educational placements for their students and from local authorities and their agencies who are looking to place employees with disabilities and/or learning difficulties in supported work-place roles.”

Looks like they are out then. We thank them for doing the right thing, and urge all those other organisations we are in dialogue with to do the same. Our huge day of action on March 3rd beckons…

Meanwhile the official government response, as we have all seen, has been to continue to push the lie that workfare is voluntary. Here’s a recap:

We have argued all along, as the facts demonstrate, that this is evidently not the case.

Channel 4 news, following information from Boycott Workfare, have now brought these facts to the wider public.

The campaign continues to gather momentum, as people realize that no one is safe from workfare. For as long as organisations such as A4E continue to make people’s lives a misery, and workfare exists, Boycott Workfare will continue to campaign. We are receiving tip offs about organisations involved in workfare all the time. 26 demos and counting… Why don’t you take part too?


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i thought it was funny towards the end of it when he said it wouldnt be a good idea to mandate people and it wouldnt be worth it for employers to take people who had been forced. it has been happening ever since new deal started in 2000. when that ended it was flexible new deal were people were forced to do a placement and now we have the work programme were people can be mandated by their adviser to do a placement.

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