Ingeus to force people into six months unpaid labour

Today it was brought to our attention that Ingeus (owned by city financiers Deloitte) have two very disturbing features on their Work Programme regime:

  1. Unemployed people will be forced to do six month long workfare placements
  2. They will also be put into “peer-run” groups which will encourage unemployed people to discipline and report on each other.

This from an Ingeus tender document:

Stage 4 is designed to provide additional support and increased conditionality for those who are still searching for work after a year on the programme. Customers will be introduced to a group of peers who will meet at least once a week to support one another with job-search activities and to maintain focus. At each weekly meeting (led by a Group Facilitator) customers will jointly review progress and plan activities for the next seven days. Our Placement Broker Team and subcontractors will utilise their links with employers and local volunteer bureaux to source a tailored six month community work placement mandatory for JSA customers that fits with each customer’s job goal.

Read a claimant’s personal account of what Ingeus has to offer.


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karen gozra

These people are a nightmare, at the moment i am doing a diploma in health and social care, to further my chances in the job market, i have been referred to this ingeus by the job center, what i see there beggars belief, nothing whatsoever is being done to help or get these poor people work, i was promised an i.t course to improve on my computer skills, this has not happened, all they do is put you on a computer, regardless wether you can or cannot use one, there are many forlorn people sitting on them looking totaly lost, the jist of these people at ingeus are YOU find your own job and they will get payed for the pivalidge, if you dont then you will end up in unpaid labour, my latest ACTIVITY as they call it, is to provide proof that i have applied for 10 jobs, ive got just over 2 weeks to do this, there isnt even 10 jobs available, and hang on a second, arnt THEY supposed to be assisting me in these job searches, no, no help, no advise, no support, all this is, is privatization of the job center via the backdoor.

p cargill

bother !!!!!!!!! will not rearrange appointments unless attending

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[...] for one is already mired in controversy in the sense that they are part of the Work Programme. Boycott Workfare reports, Today it was brought to our attention that Ingeus (owned by city financiers Deloitte) have [...]


what a load of wasted money on this company me just another way to stitch up out of work people...thet are useless and there managment team, should sack them all and get someone in who has a bit of help for the people,i believe it is bad enough not haveing a job and trying your best,you dont need these useless people giving you a hard time...and they get paid for makeing your life hell.....something needs to be done....should have stayed with jobcentres...........

Peter Bassano-Mills

Ingeus are breaching the human rights act article 4 (2) by forcing people to work for nothing, this is slave labour.

Dr Steiner

Ingeus needs to be brought down, they think they're going to make me work at a place down in an area full of trouble and making me work for bureaucrats, and the thing is they're not giving me any information about if it is an actual job or an apprenticeship and no mention of any pay, this is their way of saying "You're going to work for peanuts" basically. And I'm not fucking doing that.


Ever since I have been referred to Ingeus, my health is going downhill drastically!!!