Launch of sanctions for people in work “ruined”

Workfare thinktank Policy Exchange got together with the DWP yesterday to announce the results of their call for ideas for bullying part-time workers off in-work benefits. When Universal Credit is launched, all claimants unable to secure full time jobs will have to continually look for ‘more or better paid work’ or face sanctions. But Boycott Workfare were there to make sure the event didn’t go to plan. One Policy Exchange organiser was overheard bemoaning “It’s just such a shame that the event has been ruined.” Now to ruin their plans to extend devastating sanctions to the working poor!


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I just want to congratualate the protesters on their bravery and calm behaviour. It is very difficult to disrupt an event like this and come across as reasonable, particularly when you are being shouted down or pushed around.

The workfare pimps need to be confronted with the evil they are perpetrating.

Well done.


Nice one, thanks for doing that ! It well and truly burst their bubble.

Let's make make things even more uncomfortable for these policy makers who seem to think it is their God given right to show largesse to wealthy companies via 'something for nothing 'free workfare whilst taking away the safety net of benefits to claimants by imposing draconian sanctions and unreasonable conditions on people.

This is the 21st century, this is the seventh richest country in the world and people are having to use foodbanks to keep themselves and their families from starving.

These people sitting there in their suits are only concerned with further exploiting those unfortunate enough to need benefits. They have no comprehension of the pain and suffering they are inflicting on decent people.

It is miserable and humiliating enough being poor in this country, and these bastards want to make it even harder by rolling out their odious schemes to those in part time work. Who the #### do they think they are.

So thanks again for standing up to these cynical grasping corporate parasites.


Great protest!

Mark Hoban has said: "It is right that we are able to force people to go into work".

Those attending the conference don't only want this to happen (for no or low pay) they also want to get rid of employees who could be replaced by others (for no or low pay). Their involvement in seeking to reduce the standard of living for workers is clear for all to see.

Landless Peasant

Thanks and well done to all who took part in the protest. I'm sorry the Policy Exchange felt that their event had been "ruined", but millions of peoples' lives are being ruined, and that's more important than your shitty Thinktank.

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"Sanctions for people in work proven to be unfair.”