Leaflet to help shut down new workfare scheme


During the Week of Action against Workfare (29th March – 6th April) actions will take place across the UK to stop workfare and the new 6 month workfare scheme being introduced called ‘Community Work Placements’. Actions are already planned in Brighton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool. We have also created the above leaflet that we encourage people to hand out at Job Centres – along with our ‘Know Your Rights’ info. As placements are meant to begin in late April this leaflet will help us find out the first places taking this latest, and longest, workfare scheme, helping us put an end to the ‘Community Work Placements’ before they have even properly get started. The recent statement by the Salvation Army where they announce they will not get involved in the new scheme (but sadly keep their involvement in all the others *boos*) demonstrates the effect exposing and taking action against workfare users has.

Here you can get the pdf of the leaflet (print on A4 and cut in half to get two A5 leaflets). If you are unable to print your own flyers get in touch with with the amount you want and an address and we will send you them (along with know your rights leaflets if you wanted). Send us photos or reports of how the leafleting has gone and any information you find out from speaking to people!


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David Adam

April 1st will see a joint demo by Atos National Demo II and the Scottish Unemployed Workers Network (SUWN.) The first series of protests, with a day of action called by Atos National Demo, held on the 19th February, saw over 100 joint protests outside Atos assessment centres. Demo also supported by Glasgow Against Atos. END THE WAR ON WELFARE.


Leeds city council are using people on mandatory work activity, at potternewton park leeds.

jj joop

Signed on today and asked about CPWs. I was told it is supposed to start in April but they (JCP) have had no official notification yet. They’ve only be told it will be three tier: 6 month workfare, daily signings or intensive help for people with literacy/numeracy problems.