More organisations named and shamed

Please use our Name and Shame form to expose Workfare placement providers.

In the past few weeks we’ve heard from loads of people working without pay on workfare schemes.

As the list grows, it is becoming clear that workfare is now taking place on a massive scale: no surprise since the government intends 250,000 placements on the Work Experience scheme alone.

No figures have yet been published on how many of the 850,000 people expected to be sent on the Work Programme by the end of the year are being made to work without pay. Added to the tens of thousands on Mandatory Work Activity and the other schemes, organisations which should be paying a living wage are being handed millions in taxpayer subsidy at the cost of the unemployed.

So, the names we have been told we need to add to the hall of shame are:

The Works, B&Q, Sue Ryder, Haven House Children’s Hospice, Marriot Hotels.

Even recruitment agencies are at it! Blue Arrow are advertising 8 weeks unpaid as an office admin and Tate Recruitment are offering 8 weeks doing recruitment admin. Yet more evidence of paid work being replaced by workfare.

Like Argos, Superdrug suspended their involvement in February but are now back at it again.

And one we should have mentioned sooner… Hilton Hotels. They are proud enough of their involvement to feature in a DWP press release.

The need to stop workfare now couldn’t be clearer. Take part in the week of action on 7-14 July and get involved with the campaign.

If you are on workfare scheme or know someone who has been sent on one then let us know. The more we know, the more we can do to challenge the idea that people should be forced to work for no wages, while big businesses profit via tax payers subsidies to the tune of billions. Help us expose the companies and organisations that really are getting something for nothing.


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