More Success!!!

Boycott Workfare are happy to announce the following great news:

Firstly; this important statement by Marie Curie who, ‘will not participate in the scheme in the future’.

Secondly; Shelter  have publicly reiterated its stance on workfare, stating that it:  ‘decided that it was in the best interests of both potential volunteers and Shelter not to participate in the programme’.

We welcome this excellent news, and thank them both for coming out against workfare, especially given the pressure faced by such organisations to be involved in workfare. This is not a surprise given that the DWP are pushing workfare to:

• Local Authorities and Councils

• Charities and third sector organisations

We already have the examples of Newham council, Medway council, and Homes for Islington forcing people to work for no wages.

In 2010, 800 station staff were made redundant on London Underground. In 2011, 200 workfare placements were rolled out across North London stations to make “people feel much safer”. The need for a uniformed presence remains, the paid employment does not.

Workfare in any workplace, public or  private,  reduces wages, working conditions, and the number of paid jobs available, as well as massively cutting staff overtime-   no one is safe from workfare, not even the most vulnerable.


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