My story of how I managed to get out of the Mandatory Work Activity (MWA)

Standing up for your rights works! See this account from a young person who managed to avoid being sent on workfare, and learn your rights on and

Last March my job advisor told me that I’ve been mandated to work inside a charity shop called Scope for which I was expected to work 30 hours a week just to receive my Job Seekers Allowance. When I asked “Is it mandatory, that I have to do it?” my job advisor said “Yes.”

At first I believed what my job advisor told me until I found the Boycott Workfare website which had links to other websites like which highlighted you shouldn’t be referred onto MWA if you’re already doing your own voluntary work, which I was.

When I next had my appointment to sign on and see my Job advisor I brought a copy along detailing that I shouldn’t be referred onto MWA if I’m already doing my own voluntary work. I explained to my job advisor that I shouldn’t have been referred onto MWA in the first place and showed evidence to back up what I was saying. From the conversation that followed between myself and my job advisor it was agreed that it wasn’t necessary for me to go onto the MWA.

Moral of the story? Don’t take their word for it – know your rights.


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