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Even though the failure that is Universal Jobsmatch could come to an end in 2016 (although some form is meant to continue!) it is still being pushed now. People are being bullied into using it, made to apply for scams, zero hour contracts and below minimum wage jobs, whilst it’s also being used to sanction us for the smallest errors. One person contacting us was sanctioned for not applying to a job advert with a broken link!

Today, as part of the week of action, we call on people to take action against Universal Jobsmatch using Universal automation:

As the Job Centre clamp down on our time more and more, Universal Automation can help us resist this as our weekly job search is done in record time! Also if you have time, skills or general user feedback get involved to support the project.

This email to Universal Automation also shows the effect of people applying for lots of jobs advertised by exploitative employers 😉


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If that employer - and others - were told to contact the DWP asking for the policy removal of registration under Jobseeker's Direction then s/he wouldn't have a problem of CV inundation!