Poundland: workfare only suspended? Why not follow Emma Harrison’s lead and quit?

Positive news as Poundland announced that they have suspended their involvement in one workfare scheme. But if 99p stores can pull out of workfare, then why is it Poundland have only suspended involvement in one and remain involved in another? Could it be that those organisations who have only ‘suspended’ their involvement with workfare, are finding it hard to give up the prospects of a 2.7 million plus unemployed pool of forced unpaid labour to tap into? If workfare providers think that by suspending their involvement they can sneak workfare back into there stores they should think again……

With the very idea that people should be paid a wage to do job at stake, you would think given its political history, the Labour leadership would have something to say about workfare. It does. It supports it. A Labour government introduced workfare into the UK, with one senior figure enjoying a profitable relationship with A4E. But A4E are not interested in politics, just profits. A4E also pop up with Iain Duncan Smiths pro workfare think tank.

What a surprise. Almost as surprising as A4E’s Emma Harrison, being the government’s ‘families champion’. Luckily for families everywhere, she has stepped down, while the police continue to investigate A4E. Given A4E were willing to lie to Sainsbury’s, you can only imagine how it treats jobseekers.

The sick absurdity of a ‘family champion’ who stated that the cuts are ‘fantastic‘, from the safety of her 20-bedroom mansion based commune, is not lost on Boycott Workfare. This is what we are up against, but it is also what we are succeeding in challenging.

You are having a massive effect! Thank you for contacting us, please continue to do so. Keep up the pressure and spread the word. After all, unless you’re a millionaire politician, or a workfare millionaire like Emma Harrison – can you really afford workfare?


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It's hardly surprising Poundland was keen to sign up to workfare since most (all?) of the shoddy crap its sells is manufactured in that land of slave labour, the "People's" (that's a laugh) Republic of China.

As for Emma Harrison and her ilk, I'm heartily sick and tired of patronizing multi-millionaire Tories like her (apparently she's worth £70 million!) lecturing the poor on why it's perfectly acceptable - indeed moral - to be prepared to toil away for nowt in some soul-destroying McJob.

Let Harrison - and the rest of the millionaires in the cabinet - lead by example and work for nothing.

Fat chance!