Queen’s Jubilee staffed with workfare

The Queen's Jubilee is using workfare

The Queen’s Jubilee is using workfare. Photo: jimmyharris / flickr

Boycott Workfare can now confirm that to Buckingham Palace’s shame, the Jubilee celebrations are currently using workfare to cut down on the staffing costs of security and stewarding at the event.

Whilst most people are either being paid to work today or enjoying having the day off, those on workfare are not so fortunate: they are carrying out a 16 hour shift in security and stewarding roles for the jubilee. The full shocking story can be read here.

Those familiar with workfare will be unsurprised by the details, with providers promising people training and wages, but then failing to deliver on both. If ever there was an example of what workfare is, and the inequalities it creates, then surely this is it.

Update: apparently we can contact the CEO of the security firm involved at this address:


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