Name and Shame Report

Vertegen, Oct 2014

The company states the following on their website:"Vertegen has recently received funding which will allow us to enhance our current training programme by developing a course in recycling technologies with on-line training tools. Our new training programme will offer those on the Back To Work scheme a more enhanced & varied experience of getting back into employment, allowing them to develop their IT skills. The practical work which they carry out will be backed up with an educational dimension with regard to the vital and growing industry of recycling. We aim to create trained operatives for various recycling businesses in the local area."Every person sent to Vertegen stood for 8 hours each day in one place unscrewing screws or stripping window frames. 2 15 minute breaks, 1 half hour lunch break. Broken tools and people smashing hammers on broken components throughout the day. No online training tools or educational component whatsoever. Very clear rules that no photo's or videos may be taken or else severe sanctions to unemployment benefits. What are they spending their funding on? People have gone to hospital with injuries as total disregard for any health and safety whatsoever. Both MWA and CWP represented with no individual having any clue why they have been allocated to each scheme