Name and Shame Report

Ty Hafan, Aug 2014

I have health issues and childcare and am already doing voluntary work, I was told by my advisor that if I did voluntary work then I would not have to do mandatory work activity (I did a mandatory voluntary role that my advisor set up for 8 weeks and told I had to go (voluntary??) that affected my health further and was then referred to mandatory work anyway) My advisor told me it was the lesser of two evils otherwise I would be on a 6 month mwa, she would not tell me why I had been referred to MWA just that "I had to". my local advisor has told me, it is not her job to advise me on what benefits I should be on or refer me accordingly, as her boss will get her into trouble as other departments are busy too. Noone at the jobcentre seems to be following procedures or up on their documentation and use bully tactics and misdirection to meet quotas.