Name and Shame Report

Isle of Wight Conflict History and Remembrance Museum, May 2015

After having done four weeks at this location earlier this year (on MWA) the jobcentre reassigned me to another provider who referred me to another 6 months at the same location (on CWP). The work is mainly backbreaking physical groundwork. Some of the things we had to do were: sweeping yards, digging out a garden, emptying and filling in two large ponds, decorating a house, spreading several tons of hardcore across a carpark, collecting firewood and moving hundreds of sandbags. The other places you can be assigned to on the Isle of Wight are a donkey sanctuary or in charity shops. Seeing as the history museum and the donkey sanctuary are both also charities, this means 100% of assigned placements on the Isle of Wight are in charities.