Name and Shame Report

Keane Trade Sales, Feb 2014

I am not the first person to be sent on placement with this company. I feel that I have not gained anything on this placement. For 8 weeks they had me 'cleaning up, their client database. As I was informed they were too busy to do this + it needed done! They told me that the previous work experience placement was taken to Trade Fairs + was expected to try + get new customers! I definatly think this company see work experience as a way of them getting the work they so desperatly need done without having to pay for it!! I don't think the companies that they trade for are aware of them exploiting people. While I was there they let an employee go stating there was no work for her?! They done her out of her holidays - she had had a few days off sick which at the time they said they would pay her for. But on her last day they said they shouldn't have paid her + that the holidays that she had accured would have to be used to cover those days!! Total explotation!! Companies like this need to be exposed!