Name and Shame Report

St Michael’s Charity Hospice, Apr 2013

SMCH has apparently withdrawn from MWA after two of its managers went too far last year, making a string of allegations including criminal offences against an MWA placement. The DWP was too canny to sanction the individual on MWA whilst an "investigation" was under way, and the individual was exonerated in full. The sainted SMCH, a big fave of the local bourgeoisie, has had quite a number of MWAs at its grotty little shops in Sidley, a dump on a crappily run bus-route outside Bexhill, but long-term staff at the shops say they cannot recollect any MWAs staying the course.SMCH has now ceased working with Pinnacle People. Pinnacle People is proud to boast that all the jobseekers who began a recent "course" at Ocean House St Leonards are now employed. Unfortunately the vast majority are only "self-employed", according to the PP advisers. PP get to claim they've moved everyone into work and the government statistics are augmented. How much are PP paid for this?