Name and Shame Report

B&M Stores, Jun 2013

This placement was awful - we were made to seek permission to go get a drink, however, managers were scarce and couldn't be found, we were also reprimanded for leaving our assigned positions - this was during a heatwave, no air con in shop - shop temperatures easily 28 degrees plus. I suffered at least three migraines over the course of the placement through dehydration.Lunch times were erratic - we were told that they would be scheduled but they were not, and on one occasion, it was six hours into my "shift" before I was allowed to go get some lunch.I was made to clean shelves without any gloves being offered, despite having severe eczema on my hands that is worsened by harsh chemicals - there were no gloves available at all. I had to visit my doctor afterwards to be prescribed steroid cream to fix the damage - the chemicals also set off my asthma.Our pockets were regularly searched on the job - I was told off at one point for having my inhaler on the shop floor because it could "look like stolen goods".Our bags were searched before we were allowed to leave; feminine products were left on the desktop for other co-workers to see - a source of embarrassment.Thoroughly awful - I was shown this website by a friend. Didn't share my experience but have just been told that I am up for interview for ANOTHER placement at the same place.Will not be taking this placement, as I now know my rights - so thank you for that