Name and Shame Report

Quality Save, Jul 2013

After finishing 2 years at Seetec I'm now in the Post Work Program Support group. My adviser first had me send my CV to Laura Jeeves, a company in Eccles, in order to apply for their placement as a garment administrator. I did not hear back from them so they clearly gave the placement to someone else. That would've been a 6 week placement "with a view to employment." The Quality Save placement is for 4 weeks and there's no job waiting at the end of it. Though my job centre adviser did say that she knew of at least one girl who had got a job in the past after having been on placement there. The job centre have been sending applicants over there in their droves and those on placement will be expected to do 25hrs a week. On the one hand this placement will give me something new to put on my CV and some up to date references; on the other hand, having done placements in the past (and it getting me nowhere) I'm getting a little sick of doing what seems something for nothing.