Name and Shame Report

Savers Health and Beauty, Sep 2015

The way me and others on work experience are being treated is unacceptable and I think that I am being targeted specifically as 2 members of staff talk about me like I am not there and give responsibilities to others implying that I would not be able to do it correctly. I have been made to feel small and as if I can't do anything right, I can't go to the manager to bring this issue up with her because she is one of the two members of staff that are treating me poorly, I feel like they are abusing their positions and power they have over us. I am there to learn, I am not being told what to do the proper way and then getting pulled up for it when I do it incorrectly. I feel like I am being bullied and everything that I do or say will be bought up therefore is making me anxious and I don't feel that it is a nice place to work in, helpful or supportive.