Name and Shame Report

Thetford Town Council, Jul 2014

Community Work Placement - not in strict accordance with Community Work Placement Provider Guidance, not in my "desired employment sector and/or occupation type", effectively chosen for me from extremely limited list of available placements (some as far as ninety miles/2 hours+ distant) by individual who did not seem to accurately know one part of his anatomy from another with regard to this scheme - he had, for example, no knowledge regarding how travel expenses (£13.25 by car according to Seetec mileage payment) would be reimbursed daily (as per Provider Guidance).I have to pay my own parking charges when attending Seetec in Bury St Edmunds (exorbitant in that town) and, presumably, any parking charges that I incur in Thetford, Norfolk - I live 53 miles round trip distant in Suffolk - bus services would involve at least 135 minutes travelling/waiting times/two entirely separate routes, assuming that I do not miss any connections (such as last bus from Bury St Edmunds which would leave me stranded in that town)