Name and Shame Report

, Nov 2018

It's for a Customer service role that'd last 6 weeks and Damart are going to have a presentation which I have yet to attend. What I find interesting is that they're advertising the exact role for both full and part time positions on their website: I must admit, after reading more about sector based work academies, I do consider them and this position in particular as workfare since Damart are continually running these schemes and their training for Jobcentre referrals is meant to last 6 weeks unpaid but is half that time if you were to apply through their website and more importantly, training is paid. At this point, my work coach insists the scheme is voluntary but she's still very pushy about me attending presentation. I thought I might as well go if only to ask some questions and to make others aware of what they're getting themselves into. I'm not sure of the exact date the training starts but I believe it was sometime in late July 2017. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.