#BigSavingsNoWages – 2nd day of action against B&M Stores

B&M front croppedAfter the impressive response to the last call-out, help pile on the pressure calling for B&M Bargains to pull out of all workfare schemes.  

Two stores in Manchester will be targeted, at 2 pm:

  • Chorlton – 595-597 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 9AJ
  • Ashton-under-Lyne – 9-11 Bow St, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6BU

Join the Facebook event here.

The last action saw an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and showed again how workfare relies to a great extent on a lack of general awareness of its very existence and what it involves for those made to participate. Large sections of the public recognise the inherent unfairness and contradictory nature of being made to work for free or lose your benefits. This has also been shown to be ineffective in achieving its own aims – the DWP’s own research points to workfare having ‘no impact on the likelihood of being employed‘.

Why B&M Bargains?

B&M are a profit making company (and made over £100 million of it last year). Despite this, paid staff have found the company failing to renew their temporary contracts and cutting their hours as B&M replaces them with the unpaid labour of jobseekers. Jobseekers themselves have no choice in the matter: they must work for free or lose their benefits. These benefits (and it’s strange how often the government need reminding of this) are pay for increasingly basic necessities for themselves and any dependants – losing benefits means not being able to eat, not being able to pay bills, not being able to afford to live.

However, we aren’t powerless to stop workfare. Shops like B&M rely on local customers. They rely on their ‘brand’. They will only use workfare while they think it won’t harm sales. Public protest, combined with social media campaigns, has proven very effective in getting other stores to pull out such as Homebase and Holland & Barrett. And no matter what government policy is, people can only be sent on workfare placements if there are organisations to send them to. Let’s make it impossible to do this!
How to get involved on 26 September

Use direct action to expose B&M Stores. Call for a boycott of their stores until they stop their involvement in workfare schemes. Dent their business and their brand.  Get at them on Facebook or  – use #BandMDayOfAction and #BigSavingsNoWages.  Find a B&M store near you and join or organise a protest there.

Join the Facebook event here.  You can download the front and back of our A5 leaflet.

And in the future

Some groups are thinking of gatecrashing new store openings (which are listed here) to send a message to the B&M management.  Let us know if you want to plan something!

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mas locin

I have been having major problems with DWP for a long time and have compiled a ten page report detailing some of these serious issues.

I would really like you to read it as it reveals further levels of persecution JSA claimants are subjected to in order to force them off benefits. I would really appreciate any help you can offer me ASAP.
How can I email this to you - Email doesn't work?


Mark Bowles

Its strange why this has not been reported on the news or any other media. Government censorship perhaps?


3 weeks ago a regular visitor to the local food bank, (to use the computer available), comes in and tells us that he has found a job, in B&M, 20 hours per week, (for 2 months) so he signs off benefits, today 3 weeks later, he comes into the food bank and tells us that he has not been paid since starting that job, “did you sign a contract? he says, "I didn’t sign anything, I just had the interview and then was told just turn up” is it weekly paid? he Says he wasn’t told but was told that he would be paid in another 3 weeks. There are leaflets in the local JC stating that vacancies are available in a local store, this is how he found this so called job,

He his getting help from the local food bank. he won't go hungry or end up homeless.