Stop G4S’ Annual General Meeting this Thursday!

Stop G4S demo at previous G4S AGM

Stop G4S demo at previous G4S AGM

Boycott Workfare are supporting the Stop G4S  network’s protest this Thursday at G4S’ Annual General Meeting. Among their long list of abuses, G4S are the company the government are depending upon to prop up their latest punitive workfare scheme ‘Community Work Placements’. G4S are also involved in the government’s other workfare scheme, the Work Programme, which seems to mostly involve G4S staff spending their time filling out sanction referrals. Below is the call out from Stop G4S. Hope to see you there!

Protest at the G4S Annual General Meeting

1pm, Thursday June 5, Western Terrace, Excel Centre
Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

While it continues to make billions from human rights abuses and privatisation, it’s not all good news for G4S, the world’s biggest security company.

Universities, charities, and trade unions across the world have cancelled contracts worth millions of pounds with the company over its role in human rights abuses in Palestine, where it helps to run Israel’s abhorrent prison system, and across the world.

Three G4S guards are to be charged with manslaughter over their role in the death of Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan man who died while being ‘restrained’ during a deportation run by G4S.

Following tireless campaigning, a parliamentary watchdog published a scathing report exposing how G4S has provided filthy and unfit housing for people awaiting outcomes of asylum claims or appeals and ensured the company will be fined.

Deeply concerned that G4S is taking over prisons, policing and education, unions and activists are organising to condemn and resist the role G4S is playing in the wholesale privatisation of the UK’s public services.

Now G4S hopes to get the upper hand back by presenting a whitewashed picture of itself at its annual general meeting.

Join us for a demonstration to show G4S they can’t get away with their human rights abuses! Bring your friends, banners, drums and anything else you can make noise with!

Endorsed by:
Stop G4S 
Anti-Raids Network
Boycott Israel Network
Boycott Workfare
Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign
CAMPACC Campaign against criminalising communities
Campaign to Close Campsfield 
Corporate Watch
Friends of Al Aqsa
Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit
Greater Manchester Stop G4S Campaign
Hackney Refugee and Migrant Support Group
Islamic Human Rights Commission
International Women's Peace Service - Palestine
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
No Borders
No to G4S Huddersfield
Liverpool Friends of Palestine
London Palestine Action
Merton Palestine Solidarity Campaign
No Borders
No One is Illegal
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Right to Remain
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Southampton Students for Palestine
South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group
York Palestine Solidarity Campaign
War on Want
Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike


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