They ruin lives. Let’s ruin their day.

seetecA mysterious source has revealed the mobile numbers for some of the top executives profiting from forced unpaid work at Seetec. This workfare company pockets over £400 for every person sent on Mandatory Work Activity while claimants retain only their Jobseekers’ Allowance of £286.80 for 4 weeks’ work. These executives are currently pushing for more people to be sanctioned. They are helping push ever increasing numbers of people into hunger and destitution. These are the executives – whose wages are paid solely by the taxpayer – who are bidding for even more of your money from the state, to force people into workfare.

Seetec has the contract for delivering Mandatory Work Activity in London and East England and has numerous contracts for the disastrous Work Programme. We’ve already heard they’re not big fans of Boycott Workfare, complaining that placements are more difficult to find as a result of your campaigning!

One in five people sent on Mandatory Work Activity has their benefits stopped. Sanctions can now last for up to three years. These managers ruin people’s lives on an industrial scale. We think pointing this out to them might just ruin their day:

Graham Martin, Chief Operating Director at Seetec – 07773 773102

Andrew Emerson, Executive Director at Seetec – 07977 002278

Mark Smith, Operational Director for Mandatory Work Activity, 07870 244087

Raymond Gray, Head of Quality at Seetec, 07885 881938,

Please contact these Seetec bosses and help make sure they can’t go on ignoring the consequences of their workfare profiteering.

Top tips:

  • Why not highlight your concern about the jobs that are being replaced, the fact volunteering is being undermined or the devastating impact of sanctions?
  • If you don’t want them to call you back, you can dial 141 first.
  • No credit? You could try an online free text service or there’s always email!
  • They’re paid by the public, so it’s totally legitimate for the public to contact them with our concerns.
  • Please remember that making threatening or obscene phone calls is a criminal offence.


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My daughter had a vicious boss of poundland in her face today because she's on voluntary workfare, and because she had the day off due to a sickness bug, the boss screamed at her and told her that they were reporting her to the JCP office, so she'd get her money stopped, these people are monsters!! Please help and advise if you can?

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seetec are a complete rip off company who are as useless as a chocolate tea-pot. from jobs that only help with part time. zero hour contract jobs. Retail, hospitality, and g4s. say no more about them. they have only ever had 1 employer there in 6 months. Costco, all pt time jobs 17 hours....push people in doing 16-20 hour pt time in the British heart foundation. continually tell people that if they don't do this or do that. they will be sanctioned and benefits will be stopped. they use bullying tactic's big time. also bare this in mind most of the clients who get shoved onto seetec have disability's & mental health issues. been told by job centre & an ex-employee. get figures up then we get more funding. All just figure juggling with peoples lives.

Anthony thomas

Seetec are bullies, i attend seetec in east london and its full of bullies, they belittle you, talk down to you, a rude and dont let you have a lunch break when attending a 4 hours session, no food allowed in the centre, but they have a pop up kitchen that sales food, you can buy you lunch curry and rice but not eat it there.

Mark Summers

Brighton Seetec is appaling, ``work Coach``spoke imperfect English, was bullied,threatened with sanctions constantly. Glad I am finished there.