This week: take action to stop workfare and sanctions

week of actionThings are very wrong: each month 70,000 people face hunger and hardship due to benefit stoppages – ‘sanctions’. Millions of hours of work which should be paid are being replaced by workfare. But we’re taking action and having an impact.

This week, from 2-8 December,  join thousands of others across the UK to push back against sanctions and workfare – with action online and on your high street. Here’s the latest list of actions planned across the UK. Let us know if you’re planning something too and check back here Monday-Friday to take online action every day.

Edinburgh: flyering all week and a demo on Saturday 7th

Cardiff: Wednesday 4 December at 6:30pm, Marks and Spencer – 72/76 Queen Street, Cardiff

Glasgow: Saturday 7th, 12.30-2.30, Sauchiehall St


  • Noise Demo at workfare industry conference at the University of London, 12.30pm 2nd Decemeber
  • Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group demo at Hammersmith Job Centre against the introduction of Universal Credit. Meet 11am on Wednesday 4th December at Hammersmith Job Centre, Glenn House, 22 Glenthorne Road, W6 0PP
  • M&S picket, Islington – Sunday 8th December 1pm outside Holloway Road M&S
  • M&S picket, Wood Green – Sunday 8th December 2pm outside Wood Green High Road M&S (Nearest tube: Turnpike Lane)

Reading: Saturday 7th 4pm at Reading town centre. Planning meeting for the action on Tuesday at 7pm.

Wrexham: Tuesday 3rd December Noisey Demo  (bring pots and pans) at the Grosevenor Road Job Centre 12pm

Sheffield:  Saturday 7th December 1pm – M&S picket outside of 19/31 Fargate, S1 1LF organised by South Yorkshire UNITE Community Union. More detail here.



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jj joop

Interesting link here (ten step guide) about what to do when challenging a benefit sanction.

Cardiff Tea Tent

Hello :D

We are at Cardiff Charles St JCP, Cardiff City Centre tomorrow,

Drinking Voddy and colouring in my 2m long banner right now...

Smash sanctions and expose those Workfare bitcheeessss!

And will be directing all Claimants who show an you dahlings :P

Our last visit showed that the majority of Claimants were not recieving adequate info regarding all benefit issues inc Workfare and Sanctions...

Tomorrow...we will be fixing that,

Kisses and Cwtches,


Zola de Cwtchi xx ...Cardiff Tea Tent

Sean Cudden!/events/234274440075306/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Event against workfare in glasgow.

Here's some pics and info on two of the demos so far.

On Wednesday 4th Cymru Wales IWW organised a Boycott Workfare picket of Marks and Spencers in Cardiff . A peak of 20 people participated, 500 leaflets were distributed to customers (and inside the store) and there was plenty of opportunity to discuss Workfare with a broadly sympathetic public doing their evening Xmas shopping.

Pics at:

On Thursday 5th the KUWG picketted Hammersmith Jobcentre against the continuation of the Universal Credit scheme. Blogged at:

A late posting of a video link for the Hammersmith action:


Been to food bank today saw my local people and one very red face woman thinking where have I seen u before oh yes working at jobcentre cofa court Coventry calling peoples names to sign on and be a right bitch now your sitting with the benefit scrougers you and disgusting and vile colleagues would sanction now your here justice what goes around comes around delighted nasty people get what they deserve.