Three protesters infiltrate conference to disrupt Hoban’s speech

On 16th May, three protesters sneaked into an industry conference to make sure employment minister Mark Hoban’s lies didn’t go unchallenged. In the week where it was revealed that he has profited over £100,000 from the sale of his taxpayer-funded second home, we thought we should remind him about the £130 million he robbed from the poorest when he rewrote history so that unlawful sanctions didn’t have to be repaid.

GovKnow’s Employment, Apprenticeships & Skills conference was about using welfare reforms to create incentives to work. It aimed to show employers where to look for cheap, compliant and mandated workers and to show educators and recovery organisations how to create those workers.  It showed all those attending how to rebrand unpaid work as training, learning and recovery.

One protester spoke for five minutes until Mark Hoban had to leave the room; she was then evicted. When Hoban returned to the stage, another protester took up where she had left off. As he was evicted another one popped up again!

This is not the first time that industry conferences have been challenged. Others have been invaded, relocated and disrupted too. These events are all about the money to be made out of unemployment and out of the unemployed. It’s clear there’s no money to be made by the unemployed in the form of employment.


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Well done to all concerned!

Mark Hoban is on record as saying: "We are right to be able to force people to go into work" and those attending this conference are seeking to gain from the forced labour of others. No matter how they dress it up the truth is that it is exploitation of the worst kind - they know it and so do we.


Next time, start off with a compliment, then follow up with the hard hitting stuff. For example: "I think it's amazing how you're able to conjure up £11 billion poinds from nowhere with these schemes. Now how about reclaiming the £69.9 billion lost to tax avoidance each year?" Delivered by somebody with an invisible disability so they get the chance to speak.