Week of action already a success! Major blow for government as Holland & Barrett pull out

A national campaign against Holland & Barrett was called by Sol Fed

A national campaign against Holland & Barrett was called by Sol Fed

Before it even starts, the Week of Action has had a major success: Holland & Barrett who have been using workfare on a huge scale (1100 placements a year amongst a workforce of 3500) have said that “the 60 people currently undertaking the work experience scheme will be the last to complete the eight week placement. After this time Holland & Barrett will not participate further in that scheme.”

Unable to acknowledge people’s ethical concerns about them using an unpaid workforce on a massive scale, they have made the hilarious claim that the decision is due to the threat to customer and staff safety from our peaceful protests planned this weekend! These follow regular pickets called by Sol Fed who co-ordinated a national campaign against the company’s involvement in workfare.

But Holland & Barrett aren’t totally off the hook yet. They continue to use the current 60 workfare placements until these finish. Their announcement indicates that they intend to replace workfare with apprentices, which would allow them to pay a wage of just £2.60 an hour, far below the living wage.

Nevertheless, their announcement shows that our protests can push back workfare in the UK. Holland & Barrett is just one of hundreds of businesses, public sector employers and charities profiting from replacing paid work with workfare. Protests will continue this week to target other brands still involved. These include British Heart Foundation, who have boasted that they have at least one workfare placement in every store, Argos, Superdrug, ShoeZone, Asda, Tescos, Wilkinsons, The Works, the list goes on.

See the list of actions planned for the Week of Action 7-14 July here. If there’s nothing near you, why not add something to the list?


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Lord Stapleton

£2.60 per hour is the pittance set by the government for apprentices aged 19 and over, but don't worry folks, this will soon rise to a massive life-changing £2.65 in October 2012. Does the government really think new graduates are happy with this after additional years of education and being forced to take out loans to complete that education?

Also, whilst I'm at it, shouldn't there be even higher rates for people in their 30s or 40s as they generally have more responsibilities?

I don't understand our society. We are supposed to have a free-market economy so why is a private company like Holland & Barrett using government regulations to underpay its staff? It should be setting its own salary levels in accordance with company profits, just as co-operatives like Waitrose do (or did). We need salaries we can live off COMFORTABLY without needing to run up credit card bills in order to stay above the breadline or being forced to buy cheap crappy products from China.

Love this extract from a LibDem activist from Plymouth:
"The idea that people need to carry out unpaid work experience in order to be qualified to stack shelves at the local supermarket is ridiculous. A four week unpaid internship in order to be considered for a job that probably doesn’t pay much over minimum wage is just wrong. How long do you have to work for free if you aspire to amounts such as £7 or £8 an hour? It’s crazy."

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Who is the next target? Argos, Wilkinsons? I can't see Asda budging as easily. It seems effective that we work together to target individual stores and raise public awareness.

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Interesting tactic I've been using is bombarding these companies facebook sites. Not orginal but they don't like the bad publicity, its worked with Tesco.and Holland and Barratt.

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