Workfare Demonstrations This Weekend

On the 3rd of November and 17th of November groups across the country will be protesting against Argos Superdrug and Poundland.
Since Poundland’s involvement in workfare their profits have soared. In Brighton, Superdrug will not be taking on temporary christmas staff as they can rely on workfare placements and Argos involvement has resulted in making those who take part in workfare for Argos working above the hours intially agreed to with the clients.

Leeds – 3rd November, 2pm, Outside Argos on Headrow – Facebook Event
Brighton – 3rd November, 12noon, meet at the Clocktower – Facebook Event
Kilburn – 3rd November, 12noon, Poundland in Kilburn High Road. – Facebook Event

And coming up soon…

Birmingham – 10th November, 11.30am–12.30pm, British Heart Foundation on Harborne High Street
UK-wide – 8th December – Day of action – more details soon!


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