Workfare in the dock

Cait Reilly was forced to work without pay in Poundland and will now challenge workfare in the High Court

Media release 25th June 2012 – Please note time changes have occurred since this was first released today.

Photo opportunity: Tuesday 26th June from 9.15am outside the Royal Courts of Justice – Boycott Workfare campaigners will be dressed as judges holding a banner declaring ‘the real crime is workfare’.

This Tuesday and Wednesday, two claimants will take the fight against workfare to the High Court. Cait Reilly and an unnamed claimant will be challenging two of the government’s workfare schemes – the sector based work academies and the community action programme respectively [1]. The Public Interest Lawyers who are representing the claimants state that ‘If it succeeds the court will quash the regulations under which the schemes are made and Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, will be sent back to the drawing board.’ [2]

The court case will commence at 10.00am on Tuesday 26th June. Cait Reilly and her solicitor will be giving a statement on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice at approximately 9.25am. Boycott Workfare campaigners will be outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 9.15am. Dressed as judges and holding a banner declaring ‘the real crime is workfare’ the campaigners will show their support for the two claimants in their legal challenge against workfare.

Joanna Long, a member of Boycott Workfare, has said:

“After months of effective campaigning against workfare on the streets and online, these cases will see the fight against workfare challenged in the courts of law. If these cases succeed, the government would see their workfare schemes in even deeper disarray. We wish the claimants our best wishes with their cases in which they will assert their right, and the rights of all unemployed people, to be protected from forced work for benefits.”

Notes to editor

Boycott Workfare Media Liaison 07840 381195
[1] For more information on these schemes and the three other workfare schemes, see the Boycott Workfare website.

[2] Press release from the Public Interest Lawyers.


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