Workfare in the Docks

The fight against workfare enters a new arena as two claimants challenge workfare in the courts. On Tuesday 26th June the Royal Courts of Justice will hear Cait Reilly and an unnamed claimant challenge their workfare placements in the Sector Based Work Academy and the Community Action Programme respectively. They will argue that these placements represent a form of forced labour breaching Article 4 of the Human Rights Act.

The outcome of these court cases could have significant implications for the government’s five workfare schemes.

We wish Cait and the other claimant our best wishes with their attempt to challenge workfare in the courts.

Boycott Workfare will be holding a protest in support of the claimants outside the courts. Further details will be announced when we have them, but keep 26th June in your diary.

Update: Meet at 9.30am outside the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand on Tue 26th June.


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